I hate you, I like you,2007
Installation, laser printing, 210 x 297 mm

Installation for exhibition "A4"

This work has been awarded Semifinalist from Adobe Design Achievement Awards

A4 is a standard size of paper. we can estimate more bigger size with A4. so A3, A2, A1, A0... is not just a name of paper. It is also a unit of size. “I hate you” is a conceptual work to measure the size of feeling, “hate”. By using A4, I make an element, and use it to make patterns in more bigger size. Even more A0, A-1, A-2... more and more... So this work expresses the size of feeling, “hate” with patterns of X that were from elements of A4. And then X also generally could be used a symbol of the hate. When viewers turn the page of this book, they can find many X patterns and feel emotion of the hate at the same time. Therefore we can say “ I hate you so much.” as “ I hate you as much as A0.” In conclusion, this conceptual work shows possibility of unit measuring the size of feeling.

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I hate you
I like you